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Is photography fine art?

This is a very important and often controversial question.  Art is a personal preference, often to the detriment of the artist photographer. There is a perception that photography is not fine art.  I spoke with one artist that I had a tent next to mine at an art show.  He told me a story about how a judge at a show that he attended entered the tent and explained to the other judge, why are here he is just a photographer.

Perhaps the fault lays with photographers themselves. How many of you have attended an art show  and come upon a tent with the work of another photographer.  You enter the tent, suddenly you are confronted with snapshot after snapshot. The “artist” proudly tells you that he or she doesn’t Photoshop the photos, the images are right out of the camera.  Well yes that explains everything.  Of course these are usually arts and crafts shows and not juried shows.

Artists like Ansel Adams processed his photo images using the latest process available.  Always striving to create the most perfect image he could.  Not the image that came out of the camera.

What I am saying is that it is up to each photographer/artist to create the best image to present to their public.  It behooves each of us create each image as a work of art. Remembering the scene as we saw it or wanted it to be. Create the image you want to display to the world.  Make artists photographer proud.

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