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Capturing a scene, or for that matter when photographing people, most beginning photographers shoot from one position, which is standing up.  In one seminar that I attended the instructor stated that he tell you the height of the photographer by just looking at their photos.

The human eye is accustom to viewing objects from a standing position, as this normally where we see things.  The photographer can create an interesting, eye catching image by simply kneeling or lying down on the ground to take the photo.  Shooting from an angle that most people have not viewed the world  from challenges the mind.  When challenged, the brain is stimulated. The observer lingers in front of the photo. This is the effect that you are looking for when creating the image.

Getting the shot from a higher position is another way to catch the viewers eye.  One photographer I know carries a ladder in his vehicle for just this purpose. 

These two techniques can also be used to hide any unwanted object from the scene.  For example, there may be an object or person in the middle of a scene.  By getting lower to the ground, more interesting foregrounds can hide these distractions.  Try it and you  can see the difference it makes.  By getting higher you can shoot over the unwanted object  in many cases.

Another easy way to create a more appealing image is to turn the camera from landscape to portrait.  By turning the camera on its side when shooting  will change how the scene is recorded.  Normally, beginners will shoot all their shots with the camera held level.  By just mixing it up and turning the camera , you can make the photo different and sometimes different is better.  Tilting the camera at odd angles generates images that stir the imagination.  Try this for a change to see the results.

Robert Capa, the Hungarian born war photographer, is quoted as saying that if your photo isn’t interesting enough, then you are not close enough.  Getting closer to your subject it eliminates any distracting elements in the scene.  In portraits of people, isolating their face or part of their face, for example the eyes will produce a photo that draws your attention.

Using a zoom lens that varies focal length can be used to get closer to the object.  This allows you to zoom into just the subject that you want to capture.  Or you can do it the way Robert Capa did, just use your feet.  To zoom out, walk back and too get closer, walk toward the subject.

Just using these tips can make your images more fascinating.

Get out and experiment and have fun.

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