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Landscape – Fine Art Landscape and Architectural Photography by Gregory Colvin

Category: Landscape

Photography as Fine Art

by Is photography fine art? This is a very important and often controversial question.  Art is a personal preference, often to the detriment of the artist photographer. There is a perception that photography is not fine art.  I spoke with one artist that I had a tent next to mine at an art show.  He…

For Better Photos Change Your Position

by   Capturing a scene, or for that matter when photographing people, most beginning photographers shoot from one position, which is standing up.  In one seminar that I attended the instructor stated that he tell you the height of the photographer by just looking at their photos. The human eye is accustom to viewing objects…

Composition Part 1- The Heart of the Photo

by Composition is the heart of the photo.  Composition leads to the work of art that starts from inspiration.  Inspiration begins when you disconnect with the interior struggles of everyday life and free the spirit to experience the world around you.  Truly being in the moment and experiencing nature links you with all around you….